Venture On offers experiential-based training and development programs aimed at helping groups and individuals strive for excellence. Programs are tailored to meet the developmental and educational needs of each group.

Portable Adventures

Business & corporate

Whether coming together or assimilating new members into a group, building positive group relationships, addressing specific behavioral issues, or striving for performance excellence, we can design a program to meet your goals.

A few games and some climbing make for a perfect birthday party. Includes 2 hours of climbing, 1 hour for food and presents.

Birthday Party

Can't get away? We can bring a workshop to almost anywhere. You provide a bit of space and some energetic participants and we will provide several hours of meaningful fun.​​

Educational Clubs & Classes

Community groups & sport


Whatever the group, whatever the goals, Venture On Challenge Course is a perfect retreat to have fun, build relationships and discover how to overcome personal and group barriers.

Away from the school, students are able to let down their barriers and truly get to know each other. They will develop trust and communication skills as they learn to overcome obstacles and make decisions together in an emotionally safe, fun environment.

Energize your staff with a few hours or a full day on the course. We offer programs that are challenging and fun while considering all the physical abilities of the group.