Brainworx Academy. You guys rocked the day!

This year our challenge course turns 20. "Happy Birthday Venture On!"

Our Sneak Peek Video 1:40

Thanks for a great day Brainworx Acadamy!

Experience personal and group success

Building character

Strengthening bonds

We service students and staff from school districts, as well as sports teams, business professionals, and other groups from the immediate area and around the state.

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‚ÄčThe challenge course is a series of individual and group physical challenges that require a combination of teamwork skills and individual commitment. The course ranges from ground level games and initiatives to high level elements constructed of utility poles, ropes, and cables.

Our adventure program provides adventure learning experiences, which challenge individuals to push beyond their perceived limits, to work effectively with others, to think creatively about problems, to trust, and to have fun. 

Escolon High PIT. Another great group. See you again next year!