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  • Problem solving

  • Mutual respect

  • Trust

  • Community building.


Adult Groups

  • Communication

  • Resolving conflict

  • Collaboration

  • Group dynamics.




  • Leadership

  • Mindfulness

  • Creative solutions 

  • Community, 


We bring the workshop to you!



Our professional teambuilding workshops assist business and corporate group members in getting to know each other outside the confines of the workplace. The workshop can foster pride and camaraderie in the workplace as members celebrate overcoming obstacles together. ​


The workshop is outcome-driven. We discuss with you ahead of time what your goals and expectations for the day might be. These might include increased trust, better communication, more effective team collaboration and getting to know each other better. We then design a day to enable your team members to experiment with, learn and discuss the goals that you have picked.


The day often includes problem solving and trust building activities along with low elements in the beginning and transitions to high elements requiring harnesses, helmets and belay later in the day.


The workshop includes the opportunity for each group member to set personal goals, take risks, and push beyond their personal boundaries, in a safe and inclusive environment. There will be opportunities for your group members to participate at many levels, even if they do not wish to climb the high elements.


The climbing portion of the day provides inspiration by seeing how far your co-workers can go with the team's support and gives your group opportunities to discover real growth that you can take back to the workplace.


A day on the course can re-energize your group and is an excellent way to rally your group for challenges ahead.


Our workshops are always tailored to the physical dynamics of the group. 

Can't get away? We can bring the workshop to you.

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