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About Us

Since it was built in 1995, Venture On Challenge Course has served thousands of youth and adults. 

The Venture On Challenge Course program is based on the concept of “Adventure Education”  

We learn most when we are actively involved in our learning.  The experience becomes the education. As the participants, we can feel a sense of control and find a relevance in our choices and outcomes.


Adventure Education is:

  • An opportunity for reflection on the challenge course experience while making connections with other life aspects and for future learning.   

  • Facilitation that does not provide all of the answers for the group, rather the participants learn from each other.


  • The unpredictability of problem solving which often leads to “Aha” moments and a sense of connection and pride within a group.


Through adventure based learning, the Venture On Challenge Course continues to meet educational, professional and personal goals of participants.

Our Facility

Low Elements

Low Elements or "group initiatives," involving real and imaginary ground-based obstacles, present physical, mental, and emotional challenges that invite a group to explore teamwork strategies and demonstrate for themselves the importance of planning, cooperation, and communication.

We have numorous low elements including, Whale Watch, Low Multi-Vine, T.P. Shuffle, Mohawk Walk, The Wall and the Port-Hole, just to name a few. 

Whale Watch
The Cube
Electric Fence
TP Shuffle
A Frame
Trust Fall
Low Multi-Vine
Swing Shot
Pamper Pole
Pamper Pole
Play Pen
Zap Line
Islands in the Sky

High ropes elements pose challenges to the individual. They present tests of physical strength, stamina, agility, balance, and flexibility, and they invite participants to confront such emotional issues as the fear of heights, the fear of failure, and the fear of losing control. They require participants to draw upon reserves of courage and strength. 


Conducted within a context of group encouragement and support, these elements often lead participants to a heightened awareness of self and to an increase of confidence and self-esteem

High Elements
Other Amenities

Along with its high and low elements the course offers the following amenities:

  • ​Plenty of parking

  • Covered Pavilion with picnic tables

  • Nearby Conference rooms at reasonable cost

  • Fridge, microwave & Propane BBQ


Meet The Team

Rob Headshot.jpg
Rob Kroff

Program Manager/Facilitator

Rob has been working in the challenge course industry for over 25 years. He has been at the Venture On Course since 2000.



Johnathan has been with Venture On for over a decade. 

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