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Youth Groups

  • Problem solving

  • Mutual respect

  • Trust

  • Community building

  • Communication

  • Resolving conflict 

  • Collaboraton

  • Group dynamics

  • Leadership

  • Mindfulness

  • Creative solutions

  • Community


Let us bring the workshop to you!

Youth Groups

Mutual respect and supporting each other is always top of the list in our youth workshops.


Away from the school, students are able to let down their barriers and truly get to know each other. They will develop trust and communication skills as they learn to overcome obstacles and make decisions together in an emotionally safe, fun environment.

At the beginning of every workshop, a FVC (Full Value Contract) is created and agreed upon by the group. The FVC provides the ground rules for the day.

Part of the contract is always Challenge by Choice (CBC). It asks that participants challenge themselves and participate fully in the days experience, while respecting anyone's right to sit out or to opt for a personalized level of engagement. While participants are encouraged to take safe risks and do their best, no one is ever forced to go beyond their own comfort level. 

The day often includes problem solving and trust building activities along with low elements in the beginning and transitions to high elements requiring harnesses, helmets and belay later in the day.


The workshop includes the opportunity for each youth to set personal goals, take risks, and push beyond their personal boundaries, in a safe and inclusive environment.

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