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Leadership Student Information Page

Hi Venture On Leadership Students,

Here is the new instructions to belay for visiting groups. A detailed belay calendar for this week is at the bottom of this page.


Leadership students need to get a Venture On grade check form filled out and signed by every teacher. Forms may be picked up and turned in to Sara Bonilla at the main site front office window. 


Why do you need to turn in a Grade Check Form?

The procedure to get out of class to belay is going to mirror the process of our sports and other extra-curricular activities.


1. In order to be eligible to belay students will bring around a Bi-Monthly eligibility form to each teacher who will fill in the students grade and sign the form.  When it is complete the student will turn it in (See above for where to get and turn in form)


2. Once we know which students are eligible, (Need to have at least a 2.0 GPA) Jonathan and I will make a roster of students who will be belaying for each group. This will be done on a weekly basis, so teachers will know who will be missing their class. Usually belayers will only be on the roster for one group a week so they don’t miss to many classes.


3. The teachers have been sent the link to the roster so students will no longer need to ask if they can get out of class to belay.


4. A text will be sent out to the entire class showing the roster for the week so you will know the date and time you are scheduled to belay.


5. IMPORTANT: Teachers are suppose to check the roster, but some may not. Sometime before (possibly the day before) you are scheduled to belay, you may POLITELY remind the teacher that you will be missing their class to assist at the course. If you are eligible (see next item) and are on the roster to belay your teacher must excuse your from class.


6. To be eligible to miss classes to help a the course you must have turned in your credit check form and have at least a 2.0 GPA.


Fridays and weekend groups are open to all belayers who wish to assist however we will still have a roster of students who are able to help on those days.

Here is this weeks Calendar. (Only those who turned in forms and are eligable are on the calendar. )

Teachers have been sent a link to a Google sheet calendar.

Wednesday 4/13 10am - 1:15pm
Ashleen Y. Playpen
Marley M. Playpen

Bayan B. traversing.
Jose B. Traversing
Hudson K. Traversing. 
Reyoni B. Traversing

True B. Traversing
Luis A. Assistant

Serenity C. Pamperpole


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